The importance of prayer for healing in family systems has become more widely known in recent years (see links).  Its theological and practical implications are immense and penetrate every area of healing. Our hope in initiating this website is to help people better understand this essential dimension of healing and provide helps and links to further resources. Our focus includes much more than the nuclear family, for family dynamics in history enlighten all social and political institutions and indeed the whole earth environment. I approach healing from a Christian perspective, but the principles involved will be relevant to all who are eager to bring restoration to their families and communities. The site provides articles and other materials on various aspects of family systems healing from a developmental point of view. There are also books that can be downloaded for a small contribution and links to other resources. I hope you find these writings and resources helpful.  Your suggestions and comments are welcome, and I invite you to join our email to receive occasional mailings on special topics (generally less than one per month).

Bob Sears, S.J.
Loyola University Chicago


The term "Familytreehealing" was chosen to name this approach to healing in a concrete way. Over thirty years I have given many workshops and retreats based on developmental stages of this approach and have found it an essential element for healing of every sort. My article on “Healing and Family Spiritual/Emotional Systems” introduces this perspective. The other writings and books fill out its grounding and further implications. I hope you enjoy your visit to this site!